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June 24, 2014

Rumor Mill - WWE Holds Talent Meeting, Reinstates Dress Code & More, Have Talents Been Paid For WM30?

WrestleZone.com is reporting that WWE talent relations held a meeting with all the wrestlers in the past week or so and instituted a dress code again, which is a sore subject with the talent considering the brutal schedule they've been on.

Fines will be levied for any violation of the dress code.

Wrestlers were also told there is a zero tolerance rule in effect for showing up to Raw or Smackdown after the designated call time, which is usually 2pm eastern time for Raw and 2pm local time for Smackdown. Needless to say, with WrestleMania checks and video game payments still not distributed, the talent in WWE is, according to one source, "jittery" to say the least.


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