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July 12, 2014

Natalya Talks About Learning from Triple H and What She Thinks Is Her Most Important Match

Natalya talked to Newsday about their match at NXT Takeover earlier this month. Natalya called that match the most important of her career:

"I'm actually getting goose bumps talking about it. It was about honoring and representing two legacies. And it was the first time my uncle Bret and Ric Flair kind of reunited in decades. They haven't always had a great relationship . . . It connected Bret and Ric in a way they never connected before . . . It was one of the moments I'll never forget."

Natalya also said she believes it wasn't until her recent appearances on NXT, under the mentorship of Triple H, that she began to really gain confidence. She said:

"Getting a chance to listen to him and hear his ideas and his philosophies, it's such a great asset . . . You can make all the suggestions in the world but you cannot teach experience. I've actually learned how to be a ring general by working with people who have less experience that me, because I'm feeding off their hunger."


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