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August 23, 2017

Triple H Hits Big Milestone On Social Media

Triple H reached 6 million followers on Twitter this week, making him the third most followed WWE personality behind Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena. It is also worth noting that Triple H's Twitter account has had the fastest rise to 6 million followers of all WWE talent.

The top 10 most followed WWE personalities as it stands right now are:

1. Dwayne Johnson: 11.7 million Followers
2. John Cena: 9.9 Million Followers
3. Triple H: 6.01 million Followers
4. Randy Orton: 5.5 Million Followers
5. Sheamus: 4.46 Million Followers
6. Stone Cold Steve Austin: 4.1 Million Followers
7. Daniel Bryan: 4.04 Million Followers
8. Shawn Michaels: 3.67 million Followers
9. Chris Jericho: 3.2 million Followers
10. The Miz: 2.6 million Followers

Roman Reigns as of right now is the 15th most followed WWE personality with 2.4 million followers.

August 22, 2017

Update On Paige Facing Battery Charges In Domestic Violence Case

Paige will not be charged in her domestic dispute with Alberto El Patron at the Orlando International Airport on July 9th, according to a new report from TMZ.

Paige was potentially facing charges from the dispute, where she admittedly threw a drink at Alberto. The Orlando Police Department recommended that Paige be charged for the incident, which could have resulted in her termination from WWE. However, the state attorney's office decided not to press charges and the case is now closed.

August 21, 2017

Rumor Mill - Baron Corbin’s WWE Push Stalling, NXT Takeover Crowd Picks Up on Reports of Corbin’s Backstage Heat, News on Enzo Following SSlam

Speculation has been that Baron Corbin’s current WWE push has stalled due to backstage heat on him for a number of reasons, the main reason being recent behavior on social media.

It appears as if the NXT Takeover Brooklyn crowd picked up on the reports of Corbin having heat, as they directed a “you f**ed up” chant at The Lone Wolf when he appeared in front of the live crowd.

On the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed Corbin definitely has backstage heat on him, and that was made clear by the way he was booked in a “basic” opening match against John Cena at SummerSlam. Meltzer added that WWE officials are very high on former NXT Champion Bobby Roode, and it’s possible WWE might be called up to Smackdown Live to replace Corbin’s spot/push.

News on Enzo Following SummerSlam

In related news, for reasons not yet known, Enzo Amore’s backstage heat seems to have worsened, as Meltzer noted “everybody” in WWE hates him. Meltzer added the fact that the crowd is staring to cool on Enzo is bad news for the Raw star, as that was one of the few things saving his spot in the company.

Dean Ambrose Reaches Big WWE Milestone

After winning the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles at SummerSlam, Dean Ambrose is now a Grand Slam Champion in WWE, having won the WWE Title, the U.S. Title, the IC Title now the Tag Titles.

August 19, 2017

WWE Fans Protesting Donald Trump In The Hall Of Fame At Barclays Center, Protests During SummerSlam?

A group of WWE fans held a protest outside of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn this evening to protest US President Donald Trump being in the WWE Hall of Fame, according toGothamist. The protest was led by 30 year old Brooklyn resident John Stevens, who is a big wrestling fan. Stevens and his friends are calling on WWE to "reject racism by tossing Trump from an honored spot with the company."
Stevens was joined by fans who are in town for SummerSlam, which will be held at the Barclays Center on Sunday. Stevens told Gothamist:
"We were talking about how Trump gave that crazy press conference, and then thought about how he's in the WWE Hall of Fame even though Hulk Hogan got kicked out over racism. What Trump has done is remarkably worse than what Hogan did, since he's dividing the country by siding with neo-Nazis and white nationalists."
"I was sickened by that press conference, and his response to Charlottesville. Basically WWE is endorsing those comments by having [Trump] in their hall of fame. I can't wrap my brain around the fact that they'd leave him in there, take Hogan out and claim they say they care about racism."
Stevens also runs a website, racistwwe.com. He noted that some of his supporters attended a signing with WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on Thursday night to hand out flyers for the website and protest. Stevens says despiteLinda McMahon acting as Trump's Small Business Administration head, WWE needs to make a choice or face the backlash.

CFO$ Give Triple H Credit For Finn Balor’s Theme

WWE Music composers CFO$ discussed Triple H’s involvement in the creation of Finn Balor’s theme song during a new interview with  Metal Injection. The deo said that the Game had a big impact in constructing Balor’s theme.

“As much as we’d like to take all the credit for Finn’s entrance ourselves, we definitely can’t,” said the two. “We had written the main riff and orchestral sections of the song and brought them to HHH and the music team for a brainstorming session while down at an NXT event in Florida. Given the uniqueness of Finn’s character, we all knew his theme needed something special to make it fit him properly. Luckily, HHH had the whole thing mapped out in his head – from the long, moody entrance of the demon – to the choir erupting during the breaks in the orchestra, giving the crowd that perfect moment to throw their arms up and scream. It’s no wonder this one went on to become a fan favorite.”

Triple H Talks About Collaborating on NXT With Vince McMahon

During his recent media call (transcript via  wrestlinginc.com), Triple H spoke about how he and Vince McMahon have to work together in regards to the NXT brand…

On Vince Getting Excited About NXT Talents & How They Decide ti bring Them Up: “I think there’s excitement, there’s a lot of talent that [Vince] will say on an occasional basis, ‘Where are you at with this particular person? When do I get them?’ You know what I mean? It’s my job to then creatively work with the team both main roster and my own team to say when is the right strategic time to put the person into the right place that they need to go to so they have the best opportunity in front of them and to make sure they’re ready.”

On Deciding Who To Call Up & When: “And it’s funny because sometimes I’ll see people think or say, ‘Oh my God, this person has been so ready for so long.’ They don’t know the things that they’re missing that we can see from our side of it to say, ‘I need you another three months and this is what I really need you to focus on. I don’t want you to fail on this one piece whenever you get up there, whatever that is.’ There’s a lot of components that go into this and yeah, we have those conversations. And [Vince] gives me the opinion and the stuff and listens to my opinions. Sometimes there’s stuff he sees on the shows.”

On Wanting NXT Talents to Succeed: “I want it to be the best it can possibly be,” said Triple H. “Not only for the roster, for RAW, whatever that is. But I want it to be the best for any of these talents. I want them all to succeed at the biggest level they can. Granted, they’re not all going to do that. They all can’t be the main event at WrestleMania but I want them all to have the opportunity when they move up to the roster because whatever it is, whatever the opportunity is, whether it’s big or small, as long as we give them the tools to do that then whatever’s going to happen, is going to happen.”

Triple H On Who WWE's Biggest Competitor Is, If NJPW Is Forcing Them To Evolve

Triple H appeared on CBS Sports' In This Corner Podcast this week to promote NXT Takeover: Brooklyn this Saturday. Below are a couple of highlights:

Which competitor WWE needs to pay the most attention to:

"When you say, 'What's the No. 2 promotion?' and 'WWE doesn't have a promotion knocking on its door and pushing them,' Raw and SmackDown do. Raw and SmackDown have a promotion right on their tail pushing them to do more. That promotion is going to run a show on Saturday night at the Barclays Center, and it's called NXT.

"[NXT] is going to set a bar, and the main roster is going to have to step up to that bar. And trust me, those are all people that are coming from NXT, and now the kids here are pushing them to do the same thing that they pushed the people in front of them to do."

If the success of NJPW is forcing them to make any adjustments:

"I don't think anyone forces anyone to make adjustments, I think it's just that the world changes. What people will accept changes? What people will like changes?

"People's styles that I bring in, I'm not trying to change these performers, I'm trying to give them a platform and then take them on that platform and make the biggest, global star you can make. Whether that goes on to NXT and then on to SmackDown or Raw, whatever that is. A lot of these kids, I want them to be headlining WrestleMania."

August 15, 2017

Stephanie McMahon Named As A 2017 Game Changer By The Sports Business Journal

Thirty-five women in leadership roles touching nearly every sector of the sports industry from coast to coast have been selected for recognition this fall as part of SportsBusiness Journal/Daily’s annual Game Changers program.

Game Changers, which debuted in 2011, recognizes women in the industry who have broad, deep and varied responsibilities and who are contributing to the success of the industry in myriad ways.

These 35 women will be featured in the Sept. 11 issue of SportsBusiness Journal. They also will be celebrated on Thursday, Sept. 14, in New York at the annual Game Changers: Women in Sports Business conference.

August 14, 2017

Alberto El Patron Stripped Of GFW World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto El Patron has been stripped of the GFW World Heavyweight Championship, the company announced in a statement on Monday. You can read the statement below:

GFW has concluded its internal consideration of the events surrounding the suspension of Alberto El Patron. While it is apparent that initial reports unfairly characterized El Patron's involvement in the incident in the Orlando airport, we are nonetheless disappointed with the manner in which he dealt with this situation; we expect more decorum from all on the GFW roster, especially the World Champion.
We have communicated with El Patron our decision to strip him of his championship title. No decision has been taken as to the date on which he will be reinstated to the roster, the conditions of which are a private matter between the company and El Patron.

Police confirmed that El Patron was detained following a domestic incident at the Orlando International Airport on July 9, 2017. He was not arrested and no charges were filed at the time.

August 10, 2017

WWE Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary of D-Generation X

WWE is celebrating 20 years of the legendary D-Generation X faction. WWE's website posted a photo gallery of various Superstars paying tribute to DX.

Triple H tweeted:

Shawn Michaels & I formed DX w/ a bond built on:
& we kicked ass!
20 yrs later it's still t

Matt Bloom Reveals What WWE Looks For in Their Trainers

WWE Performance Center trainer Matt Bloom recently spoke to Sports Illustrated and revealed what exactly WWE looks for in a trainer:

“A lot of people don’t understand that just because you were a great wrestler does not automatically make you a great coach, but that is true,” Bloom said. “What I’m looking for in a coach is, first of all, if they can fit into our team. This is the best team in the game. We have Norman Smiley, who is an encyclopedia of moves, and we also have Terry Taylor and Shawn Michaels here teaching. We have Steve Corino and Adam Pearce here. They had some companies behind them when they worked, but they never had WWE behind them, yet they still kept their names prominent around the world and accomplished that by doing it the right way. Scotty Too Hotty is Scott Taylor, and he’s a kid from Maine who did pretty well in this business. He knows what he’s doing, and he has the entertainment side of this well understood. We have an amazing team who complement each other very well.”

He added, “We look for character in the coaches. What type of person are you? Are you patient? How will you represent us? Do you understand that this is not a race? This is a marathon, not a sprint. We have talent here from all over the world, most of whom have relocated and left their families behind. We need our coaches to be caring and understanding toward that. We need to realize that everyone isn’t always going to grasp a concept on a particular day, so can you pick people up and dust them off so that they can understand better the next day? Also, everyone realizes that there is simply no room for complacency. That cannot exist here and it is not allowed. We know we don’t want you here if you’re not a good person. No ego and a lot of humility. No one is bigger than the team. We all complement each other so well.”

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