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April 14, 2024

Vince McMahon Puts Remaining TKO Stock Up For Sale in Major Financial Move

Vince McMahon is actively offloading his holdings in TKO stock, placing all his remaining shares on the market. According to a recent SEC filing, McMahon, alongside stockholders Nick Khan and Steven Koonin, listed their shares for sale but have not yet completed any transactions. McMahon has made available 8,021,405 shares, his entire remaining stake, following a sale earlier in the week of nearly 3.5 million shares, which brought him over $300 million.

Listing shares for sale does not guarantee their immediate purchase, but it does open the possibility for McMahon to potentially earn more. If sold at current market prices, his 8 million-plus shares could yield over $786 million. Amidst ongoing legal issues, McMahon has been converting his stock into cash rapidly, amassing approximately $1.5 billion from these sales. This aggressive divestment suggests that McMahon is distancing himself significantly from TKO and WWE, likely marking a permanent departure.


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