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March 12, 2014

Chael Sonnen Speaks on CM Punk’s WWE Status, Reportedly Reveals Stephanie’s Phone Number, Says She Knows Punk’s ‘Mania Status

Today on "Off the Record," a sports show on TSN in Canada, MMA star Chael Sonnen was being interviewed, and he was asked if CM Punk was going to wrestle at Wrestlemania (since they're good friends). Chael said he didn't know, but claimed Stephanie McMahon would have the answer.

Shockingly, Chael held up Stephanie's number on a notepad (it was blurred) and said to tell Triple H that he just played "The Game."

It was revealed that the interview was recorded yesterday, and the hosts reportedly called the number and it really was Stephanie's.

Here's a link to the interview http://www.tsn.ca/VideoHub/?collection=72&show=305971.


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