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March 8, 2014

Davey Richards Explains Why WWE Did Not Hire The Wolves, Says WWE Gives Him the Creeps, Trashes ROH, Owner Joe Koff & Booker Hunter Johnson

One half of The Wolves, Davey Richards, recently did an interview with Newsday.com, and Richards explained that him and Eddie Edwards were informed, via email, that they were not being offered WWE contracts because although Triple H felt their wrestling ability was TV ready, WWE "already had a lot of Daveys and Eddies." Richards went on to say the following:

"That place is so weird, man. It gave me the creeps. Everyone's just walking around on eggshells. It's just bubble. Personally, I wanted to go to TNA anyway. I was trying to convince Eddie the entire time. After [WWE] told us they were not going ahead with the rest of the tryout, we had a deal signed with [TNA] within 20 minutes."

Additionally, Brian Frtiz also conducted an interview with Davey Richards for The Orlando Sentinel, and he had the following to say regarding his current relationship with Ring of Honor:

"We're not talking. We're not on good terms. I have no respect for them whatsoever. I strongly dislike management there like with the exception of Jeff Jones who is a great guy. But the booker [Hunter Johnson] is completely inadequate at his job and he got his job more for being spineless than being talented. And the owner [Joe Koff] is even worse, he could care less about wrestling. He just wants to do television. To me, it's just not something I agree with but I'm not there anymore and they do their own thing. And for the talent and the fans I wish them nothing but the best of luck.

That company is in business not because of stellar booking and stellar management. They're in business still because they'they're spineless. The talent there is phenomenal. They're top notch and great. But the management from the booker to the owner it's definitely shut up and do what you're told and drink the Kool-aid. I made a joke when I was there I called it Jim Jones wrestling. Just shut up and drink the Kool-aid and do your job. In private, people are going this sucks this sucks this sucks and I'm the one who came out and said this is terrible. I worked for that company and gave them everything I had for seven years. I think I earned my right to an opinion. Once that got out, it was like you're going against the stream? You're not here to have an opinion, just shut up and do your job and get your paycheck. I'm sure you can find someone else to do that for a lot less money than what you're paying me so I'm just going to go about my way. Best decision I ever made and I have no desire to go back, ever."


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