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July 10, 2014

Rumor Mill - WWE Talents Unhappy Right Now: Payoffs, New Rules, More

It's being reported that WWE has recently laid down a new set of rules for their talents, or rather, they have brought back some old rules. They are reinforcing the dress code again with the idea that any time a Superstar or Diva is seen out in public, they have to look professional. Any talent who does not adhere to the dress code will be fined.

Talents will also be fined now if they are so much as one minute late to the arenas. Fines for being late is nothing new to WWE, as this is a policy that has been enforced off and on for many years now, but lately they've apparently been getting more strict about it again.

Another issue that has many talents upset is recent payoffs, more specifically, royalty checks. Certain talents who were used to getting around $70,000 for first quarter video game royalties only ended up getting less than $12,000. There was a hope that the second quarter royalty checks would make up for the difference, but the second quarter checks only ended up being about $1,500.


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