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June 3, 2011

Update on Averno and Sin Cara

The belief is that Averno will come into WWE without his mask and one name thrown around for him is Rey Ortiz II.

Regarding Cara, there was concern about him after his pay-per-view match against Chavo Guerrero but WWE officials are determined to make him work because he has been promoted as the first talent brought on by Triple H. There has always been skepticism of Cara's inability to speak English and right now, he's mainly communicating through one of the WWE referees who is bi-lingual.

source: wrestling observer newsletter




I wrote a blog about this. I really love Sin Cara, and I've always been a huge fan of HHH as a businessman. I really want this hire to work for both of them!

I was watching some vids of Sin Cara as Mistico giving a promo. I really wish WWE would give him a translator or translate his words on the screen for us. That would make him unique and different. Not just Rey Mysterio 2.0

I can't understand why not much thought was given to the fact that he can't speak English. With the moves he does...he needs to be able to communicate w/ his opponent.

I hope HHH and WWE can make him work!




I wish WWE would bring back managers not just for Sin Cara, but the other guys that aren't good on the mic. Heel managers and heel valets are needed.

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