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July 31, 2007

Kurt Angle: Congressional Hearings on Wrestling

Kurt Angle was recently interviewed by the Tri-Valley Herald in California. In regards to Congress getting involved in wrestling, Angle says wrestling should be classified more as music or acting. "If you take the percentage of rock stars and actors who have ended up in rehab, or overdosing, it wouldn't be any different than pro wrestling." In relation to the Chris Benoit tragedy Angle said, "As much as I loved him, and what he stood for before that happened, the WWE did not kill Chris' family. Chris decided to do that on his own. I decided to become addicted to painkillers on my own. WWE didn't do it, I did it. I took responsibility for what I went through. We're all independent contractors and we all take responsibility for our own actions, If our job is affecting our lives, and it's going to drive us crazy, quit."


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