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February 22, 2009

Al Snow in Bloodstained Memoirs

From the Bloodstained Memoirs Wrestling Film myspace blog:

Al Snow is now in Bloodstained Memoirs! This obscenely talented man is an excellent addition to the production, and I am very happy with his unique contribution.

Footage was filmed in a London studio, and differs to anything we have shot thus far. Al was not interviewed, instead he gave unique introductions to all of his peers already in the production, such as Chris Jericho, Keiji Muto, Roddy Piper, Rob Van Dam, and yes, Mick Foley.

After three years, this was the last shoot Bloodstained Memoirs will see. I got sent a rough cut of the DVD a week or so ago, and let’s just say it will be worth the wait. We are working hard to crack out mountains of paper work and legal documentation right now in order to move forward with the penned release.


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