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October 5, 2009

Predictions on Future Leadership at WWE

The past few weeks have actually given me hope for the future of World Wrestling Entertainment. Not because the shows or the wrestlers or the storylines have been better. They haven't. But I figure the future couldn't be any worse. Sooner or later, the McMahon family will have to send Patriarch Vince off to the nut hutch. At that point, Stephanie McMahon Levesque becomes the new President of WWE. Let's face it, Stephanie will be much better at that job than she is as head of Creative.

With Stephanie bumped up the ladder, Triple H becomes the leading candidate to take over the WWE creative department. Hopefully, he'll have retired as a wrestler by then. I haven't always bee a big Triple H fan, but he sure knows a whole lot more about professional wrestling than the person he would be replacing. There is also a better likelihood of Stephanie listening to Hunter than there is of Vince McMahon listening to, well, anybody on his creative team. So take heart, wrestling fans. It will happen.

source: pat mcneill of pwtorch.com


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