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March 4, 2010

TNA Looking to Expand Drug-Testing Policy

TNA president Dixie Carter says TNA is currently formulating a new drug-testing program, apparently to expand the first policy that was started in 2007.

Carter was interviewed by syndicated columnist Alex Marvez, who reports that Carter "understands that greater TNA visibility will bring more public and media scrutiny, especially regarding the company's lax drug-testing policy."

According to documents disclosed by the U.S. Congress's Committee on Government Oversight & Reform in January 2009, there were a significant number of wrestlers who tested positive for steroids when TNA first began testing.

Congressman Henry Waxman's letter on the Commitee's findings revealed that 15 out of 60 wrestlers tested positive for steroid use and an additional 11 wrestlers tested positive for other drugs.

source: pwtorch.com

No 10-point letter for Dixie Carter? I guess Rob Simmons concern for the wrestling community doesn't extend to TNA.


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