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April 26, 2010

New TNA Ranking System

TNA Wrestling’s Monday Night iMPACT! Launches TNA’s Top 10 Contender Rankings. Fans get in on the action and make an impact by voting each and every week for who you believe most deserves a shot at a title match from the TNA Wrestling roster.

The fans vote, along with that of the TNA Championship Committee (Dixie Carter, Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan), will go a long way in determining the monthly Top 10 Contender rankings and ultimately who gets a shot at the coveted TNA World Championship Belt.

Individual rankings are determined by a combination of weighted factors. These factors include individual wrestler career performance, won/loss record and online fan voting. Each monthly ranking will be announced LIVE on Monday Night iMPACT! the day immediately following each of our scheduled Pay-Per-View events...More?


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