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December 5, 2010

Real Championship Wrestling Man Up Results

Real Championship Wrestling returned to action this past Saturday with “Man Up” in Baltimore, Maryland for a benefit for the National Kidney Foundation.

“Man Up” was particular close to the heart of RCW star Derek Frazier as his youngest son has continued to deal with kidney disease since he was born. Last month, Christian York, after defeating Ruckus to end his RCW in-ring career, was challenged by Frazier to stand up for the honor of RCW and his family.

* In RCW’s opening contest, hometown hero Skull pulled off an amazing victory against Adam Cole via a small package
* After winning a #1 Contender Tournament to vie for the RCW Cruiserweight Title last month, Shiima Xion scored a spectacular submission victory against Steve Diaz
* The always entertaining Greg Excellent pinned Hallowicked
* Mia Yim and Jamilia Craft defeated Sara Del Ray/Daizee Haze
* Jay Briscoe vs. BLK OUT member “Blk Jeez” Sabian went to a 20 minute time limit draw
* After Drew Blood retired from wrestling, it left RCW Tag Team champion Devon Moore without a partner, but for “Man Up”, found one in Adam Cole. However, the funky fresh dance moves of The Osirian Portal aided them to defeat the duo of Moore and Cole to become the new RCW Tag Team champions
* In the hardest hitting match of the night, Mark Briscoe vs. Nick Gage went to a Double Disqualification, fighting all the way to the back and outside of the Du Burns Arena!
* In a battle for the respect of his family and RCW, Derek Frazier defeated RCW Heavyweight champion Christian York, the “New Mayor of Chocolate City”, in a non-title match.

After the main event, BLK OUT members Ruckus, Sabian, and Robby Mireno came out to award Derek Frazier the over $2500 raised for the National Kidney Foundation. However, Mireno announced he and BLK OUT were tired of Frazier and his sob stories and instead of handing Frazier the money, ended up kicking the living crap out of Frazier, referee Chris Clow, and ring announcer Larry Legend until members of the locker room and Commissioner Adam Flash drove BLK OUT to the back.



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