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January 11, 2011

Sports Celebrity Encounters: My Kids Meet Triple H

While walking through on the make shift tour, we bumped into a couple of the lesser known performers which my kids didn't recognize and then my older son yells "There's Triple H"! Triple H jokingly looking around and said "Where?" I was very apprehensive about letting my kids meet some of the performers that they saw on TV. We all know that Triple H is a character, but how would I know what the real Triple H was like? Would he be a jerk and insult my kids? I honestly didn't know. I will also admit that was apprehensive about professional wrestlers as I thought they would be ignorant egomaniacs, but Triple H was nothing like. He was honestly the kind of guy that you wouldn't mind going out to drink a beer with. He introduced them to a couple of other wrestlers and honestly gave my kids the highlight of their young lives. I have been a WWE fan every since, because these guys all seemed to genuinely care about the fans and even though he was busy preparing for a big TV show he found the time to shake hands with a fan.

source: yahoo.com


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