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April 27, 2012

This Day in Wrestling History

Happy Birthday to Frank Gotch
April 27, 1878 - December 16, 1917

Frank Gotch is truly one of the original pioneers of professional wrestling. Long before the money, fame, and glitz of modern wrestling, long before the post WWII boom of Gorgeous George and "TV wrestling," before Lou Thesz, before Ed "Strangler" Lewis, before there was even a such thing as a "federation" in wrestling, there was Frank Gotch.

During this fleeting time of legitimacy in wrestling, Gotch was renowned for his great skill and power, despite his deceivingly small stature, and became perhaps wrestling's first true box-office attraction. As crafty and ruthless as he was skilled, Gotch held the undisputed World Title until he retired, undefeated as champion. His professional record was an impressive 132 victories out of 140 total matches...with several of his losses coming in handicapped matches. His bouts with Hackenschmidt, Jenkins, Stanislaus Zbysko and others were truly legendary...and can be traced back to the earliest days of what we now know as professional wrestling...More?

source: wrestlingmuseum.com


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