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September 4, 2012

This Day in Wrestling History

Frank Gotch again defeats George Hackenschmidt in their rematch from 1908 in front of a reported crowd of 25,000 at White Sox (Comiskey) Park. Hackenschmidt badly injures his knee prior to the match, allegedly at the hands of Ad Santell. Supposedly, and this is one of pro wrestling's great unsolved mysteries, Santel was paid a sum of money to hook Hackenschmidt in training. Gotch hated Hackenschmidt and didn't want to give him a rematch.
September 4, 1911

WCW's Monday Nitro debuts live from The Mall of America. In a shocking event, top WWF(E) superstar Lex Luger appears on the show and makes harsh remarks against the WWF(E).
September 4, 1995


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