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January 4, 2013

This Day In Wrestling History

Frank Gotch defeats George Lurich and again announces his retirement. Immediately several people claim the world championship. An alleged title match takes place between Henry Ordemann and Jess Westegaard for the title. Dr. Benjamin F. Roller claims to be the champion. Frank Gotch opens up a car dealership in Humboldt, IA with Albert Wittman and P. F. Saul.
January 4, 1913

Shotgun Saturday Night debuts from the Mirage Nightclub in New York
January 4, 1997

Mankind (Mick Foley) defeated The Rock to win the WWF(E) World Title at a RAW is WAR taping in Worcester, Massachusetts. The show would air on the following Monday. That night Tony Schiavone would reveal the result during WCW Monday Nitro, airing live that night, noting that Mankind as champion "ought to put a lot of butts in the seats." Schiavone would later claim Eric Bischoff fed him that line to say.
January 4, 1999

Hulk Hogan defeats Kevin Nash for the WCW Championship via poking him with his finger. This incident lead to the rebirth of the nWo.
January 4, 1999

TNA iMPACT! moved to Monday nights to compete against WWE Raw. That night, Hulk Hogan made his debut with TNA, while Bret Hart made his WWE return to confront Shawn Michaels. Four months later, iMPACT! moved back to Thursday nights. They were not able to compete against Raw in the ratings.
January 4, 2010


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