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June 28, 2014

Ambrose not just Good, he's great

Jonathan Good may be living a charmed life in professional wrestling nowadays, but life wasn't always easy for the man better known as Dean Ambrose.

Good, who grew up in the area known as the East End in Cincinnati, is evasive when asked if he had a rough upbringing.

"Who doesn't have their own story?" he asked. "I grew up in Cincinnati, the east side of Cincinnati. I don't really have any kind of heartbreaking sob story, just a regular old lower class American upbringing."

Turning the focus away from his formative years and onto the beginnings of what could some day be a hall of fame wrestling career, he described his beginnings."I started wrestling when I was 16 and (I spent) a lot of years on the road and a lot of years wrestling in every bingo hall and armory and bar and night club imaginable to get here," Good said, referring to his current wrestling home, World Wrestling Entertainment. "I've travelled the entire world, put my body through a lot of abuse, (gaining) a lot of experience in becoming the guy I am today."

Then the focus turns back to his early life.

"Mine might be a little bit different than most people, but everybody's got their own story and that's what makes you the person that you are."

One thing Good is comfortable talking about when it comes to his youth is his lifelong love for pro wrestling.

"For me, wrestling was like an escape," he answered when asked about what his earliest memories of the business are...More?

source: slam wreslting


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