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June 14, 2014

Rumor Mill - Low Attendance at Recent TNA Basebrawl Events Leads to Low Morale, Some Talents Looking to Leave TNA, More

According to The Wrestling Observer, the low attendance figures for TNA's recent Basebrawl stadium events has lead to low morale amongst the talents who worked the events.

There is said to be an air of uncertainty in TNA right now, as so many talents have been let go recently, talents feel The Carter family isn't putting much new money into TNA lately, and since wrestlers use live fan attendance as a way to judge the state of the company, morale has been down to say the least.

TNA's lack of a new TV deal with SpikeTV also has talents nervous, however with several TNA names appearing at the SpikeTV awards show this past week, that's being looked at as a positive sign for TNA and Spike negotiations.

Several TNA stars have reportedly reached out to Ring of Honor and Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling for potential job opportunities, but since so little has been revealed about GFW, that has lead to growing concern amongst talents.


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