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June 4, 2014

WWE Offering Free Financial Planning & Debt Assistance, Scholarships to All Former Talents

WWE's talent relations department issued letters this week to former contracted talents and referees offering them financial planning assistance in a number of ways never before offered by the company.

WWE's letter noted that they are now offering, free of charge, financial planning and debt assistance services through a financial firm for anyone who was ever under contract. The assistance would include help with financial management and for talents who are in debt, help with debt consolidation.

WWE is also offering a $5,000 per semester scholarship to any former talents who wish to further their college education. The letter noted that those interested need to enroll by 8/1 in order to be eligible for the Fall 2014 semester's scholarship and also provide proof of enrollment to WWE.

The letters were sent out earlier this week and former talents are just starting to receive them.

From WWE's corporate site:

WWE also extends a Professional Development Program to former WWE Talent, and in some cases, their family members. This Professional Development Program aims to provide guidance and support beyond talent’s tenure with WWE.

WWE’s Professional Development Program for former talent focuses on two major initiatives- Financial Education and Continuing Education.

• Financial Education: WWE has partnered with Money Management International (MMI), the largest non-profit credit counseling agency in the country, to provide free Financial Education to former WWE Talent and their immediate family members.

• Continuing Education: WWE offers financial scholarships to former WWE Talent in the amount of $5,000 per calendar year to be used for obtaining a college degree or completing a certificate program.

To keep Former WWE Talent up-to-date with current WWE news, WWE distributes a digital “Alumni Newsletter” on a quarterly basis. The newsletter includes information on WWE news, archives, wellness, professional development and more.


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