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August 1, 2014

Latest Backstage Details Regarding Yesterday’s WWE Layoffs, Which Departments Were Downsized?, WWE Magazine Finished, More

CNN Money reported earlier today a WWE spokesperson cited 60 people in WWE were released during yesterday’s employee layoffs. Prior to that, F4Wonline.com was reporting 55 people.

WZ sources inside WWE are telling us the approximate number is around 82 people total. This equals about 8% of the staff. The releases range from employees who just got hired this year to someone who has been with the company for 20 years.

Cuts were made in various departments including production assistants, accounting, WWE.com staff and HR.

We’re also told the WWE Magazine staff which is 14 people will all be cut. It’s been reported this week the October edition will be the last of the magazine and the contents for that are complete enough the company was able to release the staff.

It’s said WWE will be paying over $4.5 million in severance courtesy of these releases.


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