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August 16, 2014

Stephanie McMahon Talks About Why WWE Switched to the Network Logo, WWE's Brand

Variety has a new story up about WWE raising their new logo at company headquarters in Stamford, CT today. Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon talked to them about the decision to use the new logo:

“The new logo is a representation of the evolution of the WWE brand. Everything from the hard edges and the sleek coloring expresses a contemporary feel and demonstrates we’re always looking ahead."

Stephanie noted that WWE didn't originally plan on having the WWE Network logo represent the entire company but they had "a wonderful response" to it in January and "it represented everything we wanted to say to the marketplace" so they went with it. She also noted that they kept the red & black colors because it's been a staple of the company for 15 years, representing "the bold nature of what we do."

WWE unveils new logo


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