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August 20, 2014

WWE Network Exceeds Companies Expectations In Canada

The launch of WWE Network in Canada has been huge success and exceeded the companies expectations according to Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio.

WWE has struggled to gain subscribers in the U.S. since the online-only version launched in February. For the Canadian market they adopted a different approach. Instead of offering an online channel, WWE teamed up Rogers Communications and launched the Network as a premium cable television station.

There was concern that offering the Network in this manner might not appeal as it has a higher price point at launch of $11.99 per month, opposed to $9.99 (U.S) and limited video library, in fact there are only several archived PPV's to watch but it does include 13 of the companies monthly PPV's which works out a better deal.

WWE will be watching this success closely and know there is still a much larger audience to gain in Canada considering Rogers Communications makes up only 25% of the market share.


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