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September 16, 2014

This Day In Wrestling History

Bruno Sammartino & Bobo Brazil battle Gorilla Monsoon & Hans Mortier to a draw in the main event of a show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Each team scored one fall before the time limit expired during the third fall.
September 16, 1963

At a WWF television taping in Baltimore, Maryland, Roddy Piper hosts his "Piper's Pit" segment at the same time that Adrian Adonis hosts an edition of "The Flower Shop". Piper's guest, Don Muraco, joins Adonis and Cowboy Bob Orton in attacking Piper and beating him down and destroying the Pit set. Later in the show (shown on a different TV episode), Piper returned with a baseball bat and destroyed the Flower Shop set. A new Piper's Pit set would be constructed, and the Flower Shop would never return.
September 16, 1986


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