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September 29, 2014

Rumor Mill - Triple H Reportedly Big on Soliciting Internet Feedback, Working on “Ask Me Anything” Project, Was Damien Mizdow an IWC Idea?

According to a source within WWE, Triple H, as he comes more into power, is a big fan of soliciting feedback from the internet and online communities, and is reportedly having WWE’s social media workers keep an eye on various online communities.

The site HHH is most intrigued by is Reddit, and its “r/squaredcircle” community. Apparently that’s where the “Dolphins1925″ user originated, and it looks like the site has a new insider on there – a former employee of the WWE who has been telling loads of stories about Vince, Kevin Dunn, and other backstage on-goings and entities. It’s been seen as kind of a hot spot for the wrestling community, and there are rumors that booking has taken inspiration from fantasy booking found on that site.

Triple H is also said to be working on an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) with the site – not on the Squared Circle community but on the main AMA page for maximum visibility. He wants to get in on it and let them know he’s aware.

There are a few other communities being tossed around, including the GameFAQs message board as well as our own message board, as places to look for feedback and further ways to influence the product. It’s being said that Sandow’s role as the Miz’s bodyguard was taken in part by discussions seen about Sandow on these sites.


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