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October 21, 2014

John Cena Preparing To Produce His Own Unscripted TV Series, Is WWE Involved?

Variety reports that John Cena will be teaming with Leftfield Pictures, producers of Pawn Stars, to develop unscripted TV series that focus mostly on unknown individuals from all walks of life, each with a compelling story to tell.

Cena told Variety:

"For someone like me that's surrounded by so many interesting characters, you know when you brush up against someone who can hold a room. There are so many people out there who can hold someone's attention."

Cena could end up on screen somehow but Cena being on TV is not a requirement to get a new series launched.

As part of the development deal, Cena and Leftfield already have several ideas in the works but will not be revealing the concepts yet.

Any series Cena creates with Leftfield will be produced independently outside of Cena's WWE contract but WWE has an option to participate in projects if it helps any of the concepts


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