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October 4, 2014

Rumor Mill - Backstage News on Bad Post-WrestleMania WWE PPV Bonuses, Most of the Roster Affected

It was noted earlier this year that the payoffs for WrestleMania XXX ended up being way better than what was expected by the talents. Many believed that the WWE Network launch would hurt WrestleMania bonuses but that apparently was not the case.

Payoffs are now in for the first pay-per-view events after WrestleMania with the new formula and they were described as "really bad." This could be a sign that talents are being paid based on pay-per-view revenue and that they're not receiving anything extra from the pay-per-view revenue that's been eliminated due to the Network.

There are reportedly some talents who are being taken care of and some who have deals in place that prevent something like this from happening to them. That is not the case with the majority of talents on the roster.


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