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November 12, 2014

Details Behind WWE and Alberto Del Rio's Legal Settlement

Alberto Del Rio and World Wrestling Entertainment have reached a confidential legal settlement concerning Del Rio's non-compete clause.

It is being said that both sides have agreed that Del Rio, real name Alberto Rodriguez, would make no further remarks in a negative manner about WWE, mainly concerning the allegation of racist jokes and insinuating insensitivity by those in power.

Rodriguez on Twitter put out a joint statement with WWE stating, “Following my departure from WWE, an understanding was reached with regards to my future booking opportunities. We wish each other well in our respective future endeavors.”

Another source close to the talks said that there was a last minute change to the agreement. At one stage, the joint settlement was expected to include a WWE apology for inappropriate remarks. The source said WWE agreed, but then in its written settlement agreement, took that out of the deal.

Rodriguez had done media interviews in Mexico, as well as the U.K., talking about racial jokes said by people higher up in WWE. These were claims supported by the original Sin Cara but said he didn't blame that for failing in WWE. Rey Mysterio has remained silent on the issue and recent reports suggest relations could be strained despite this.

Rodriguez said he was told WWE would hire him back after a period but Del Rio was not placated by a phone call with Triple H. Many WWE wrestlers are said to have gone to bat for Del Rio but it was Del Rio himself who declined to return.

Rodriguez was given a one-year, unpaid, non-compete term from the date of his firing. It was highly unlikely such a term, even with the slap being a contract breach, would have held up in court.

Rodriguez had wrestled for AAA and on independent shows in Mexico, as well as for Wrestle-One in Japan, even with the non-compete in effect, with the feeling it would be unenforceable outside the U.S.

It is believed the settlement includes an agreement he would not sue the company, that he would no longer publicly talk negatively about the company, and that the non-compete would be dropped.

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