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November 1, 2014

John Cena Grants Wish To Maryland Boy

Below is from prweb.com and The Kids Wish Network, which talks about John Cena granting a wish to a boy in Maryland.

Josh Whaley has been a dedicated WWE fan for years; it is one thing that can distract him from his illness. Josh was diagnosed with Crouzon syndrome when he was only 1 years old. Crouzon’s is a genetic birth disorder characterized by the premature joining of certain bones in the skull during development. It affects the shape of the head and face and can cause a variety of development issues.

So far, Josh has suffered through 15 facial surgeries, each requiring flying to an out-of-state facility. Josh required a shunt after the first two surgeries and is monitored closely as the shunt could eventually cause another life-threatening disorder, spina bifida. The teen also suffers from bowel problems and a loss of hearing in one ear, and he faces more surgeries in the future.

Kids Wish Network sent Josh and his family on an exciting New York City experience where he got to meet Superstar John Cena before a WWE RAW event. While waiting for John Cena to make his appearance, Josh got to meet many other WWE Wrestlers and Divas as well.

“Josh’s eyes kept lighting up when another wrestler would turn the corner,” recalls mom Anjolene. “He kept correcting all of us on facts about each one.”

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