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November 19, 2014

Photo: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on the Cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Synopsis from Muscle & Fitness:

When considering who might qualify as the ultimate power couple, who springs to mind? Bill and Hillary Clinton perhaps? Sure, the former President of the United States and Secretary of State definitely make for a strong pairing. How about George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin? The Hollywood superstar and international human rights lawyer certainly command a lot of respect. Yet, can any one from this group deliver a suplex off the top rope, or bury mere mortals in blindingly intense workouts? Do I even need to ask?

Of course the husband and wife team of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon aren't just WWE icons know for kicking ass and taking names in the squared circle, they're also savvy, successful businesspeople and busy parents. They somehow manage to stay in top shape while helping run the world's most successful sports entertainment organization. Now, THAT'S power!

In the December/January edition of Muscle & Fitness we profile these two juggernauts-- learning the details of their training, their schedules, and the things they've learned as sports entertainment and fitness leaders. And now, they're ready to pass along to M&F readers! They're also releasing cool new DVDs in which they deliver their own workouts to you—- workouts that you can do right at home. It's a freewheeling in-depth story you don't want to miss!

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