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November 3, 2014

Recap of Daniel Bryan on SI: Bryan Talks Current Injury Status, Why He’s Unable to Return, His WrestleMania 31 Status & More

Injured WWE star Daniel Bryan appeared via phone call on Sports Illustrated Now earlier today.

Bryan spoke on a number of topics, including his recent appearance at the San Francisco Giants World Series parade, and how it felt to have 14,000 fans all around him doing a “yes” chant.

Bryan described the feeling as surreal, and the show hosts noted the new Sports Illustrated cover will feature the Giants celebrating their big win with the headline reading “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The hosts also noted the cover will be shown on Raw tonight.

With regards to his in-ring status, Daniel Bryan says he’s unable to return to the ring because he has not regained full strength in his right hand, and that can be dangerous to both him and his opponents if he returns too soon.

Bryan said he’s not in any pain but doctors are having trouble figuring out how to get his strength back.

Bryan was asked about WrestleMania 31 and he said he will be heartbroken if he can’t compete. Bryan added they are hoping he will be ready for the big PPV but he will be disappointed if he’s not able to perform.

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