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November 15, 2014

Triple H Very Impressed by NXT Star, Regal vs. DeMott Backstage Issues?, More

We noted a few weeks ago that Triple H spent a day at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando and had talents work out in the ring and do promos for him. He also spent time with the NXT trainers.

NXT talent Dylan Mile really caught Triple H’s eye. Mile is the talent that several NXT stars, including Kevin Steen, was praising on Twitter a few weeks back.

Triple H was said to be so impressed with by Mile that he is giving him extra attention and ordered that Mile’s progress be closely tracked.

Triple H also reportedly had to deal with a Bill DeMott issue that day. The story is that William Regal complained about DeMott, who is known for controversy. DeMott has been spoken to several times by officials and usually tones his behavior down after the talks. However, sources indicate that DeMott is considered to be on the hot seat.

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