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December 3, 2014

Jack Swagger, Seth Rollins, Zack Ryder Respond to Vince McMahon ‘Brass Ring’ Comment

During his WWE Network podcast interview with Steve Austin, Vince McMahon made comments about the current roster being less apt to “grab the brass ring.” He attributed it to a “Millennial” attitude. Several WWE stars have commented, including Jack Swagger who discussed the comments with Mike Jones of DC101

“This is an environment where literally hundreds of thousands of people want to be on this roster, and there’s what, 75 of us on top?” said Swagger. “To get here you have to be very ambitious but to stay here you need even more. It takes a lot of drive and a lot of hard work. I can only speak for myself that I have gotten hungrier. As far as the rest of the locker room, you know, it’s tough but you gotta see the finish line and sometimes that’s hard to do.”

Seth Rollins and Zack Ryder also commented, posting to Twitter:

No better way to grab the brass ring then to take out the so-called last guy to do just that. #WWETLC #TablesMatch How's that for ambition? - Seth Rollins

When my shoulder is healed and I come back, I'll grab that brass ring again...but nothing will stop me this time! - Zack Ryder

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