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December 1, 2014

New Japan Pro Wrestling Unveils It’s Own Streaming Service That Will Include Live Events, Wrestle Kingdom 9 & Tons of Classic Content

New Japan Pro Wrestling held a live press conference to announce the unveiling of their very own streaming service, “New Japan World”.

The service is available immediately, and is very similar to the WWE Network, in that the promotion will be airing all their major events live. Unlike WWE, where they have TV contracts that keep Raw and Smackdown on major networks, the bulk of New Japan content is offered as pay-per-view in Japan, and internet pay-per-view in the United States. What that means is instead of one major PPV on the WWE Network each month, you’re going to get upwards of four or five big live shows in a given month, including the G1 Tag League finals next weekend.

New Japan World is being offered at 999 yen, which is roughly $8.42 per month, and we’ve already received emails from U.S. fans that have subscribed and are watching classic content. Their website advertises its availability on desktops, tablets and smart phones as well.

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