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December 21, 2014

Rumor Mill - Could WWE Be Considering Time Off For Wrestlers?

HHH refers to NXT as a place for rest…

WWE has a year-long schedule, and wrestlers do not get a break for many months at a time.

In recent years, it’s been suggested that a rotation system or some sort of regular time off would not only make lives better for wrestlers, it would be ultimately best for business as wrestlers wouldn’t burn out or get injured as much.

With the advent of the NXT training system, it seems like WWE could be getting closer to a Talent Rotation System/time off for wrestlers.

Triple H recently talked about NXT as a third brand where main roster wrestlers could come to Florida for a break from being on the road, while staying sharp at the Performance Center.

Triple H said:
(Being a third brand) also allows for guys to come off the main roster who have spent some time – if this is looked as a third brand – to take some time off Raw and Smackdown, come down here, and continue to work, but yet take a little vacation from the main roster and come back in a few months later… or, try something new down here. It’s a huge platform.

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