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December 3, 2014

Ryback Speaks On CM Punk

"The comments that he made were not accurate, about me, definitely. It was disappointing to here what he said. He was not like that to my face, and to hear the things that he said, especially behind my back to Vince, its very disturbing to me. Things did not go ideal for me after that time period after we wrestled. I stuck around, hung out, showed up and did my job and turned things around. He says I broke his ribs on purpose, that's not true. If it was, he never did anything about it, if he's this big bad tough guy. You've got a roster full of WWE talent who knows the real Ryback and everyone knows the truth, what he said wasn't the truth. I wish him the best, I would like to think he is thankful for everything he has in WWE, and I was the one, for lack of a better word, put him over time and time again, and then he walked out and left. He was beaten up, he had his issues...Hopefully we will see him down the line."

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