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December 25, 2014

Sean Waltman Has Message For Triple H's Critics

In the second part of Kevin Gill's interview with Sean Waltman, Waltman talks about his first meeting with Vince McMahon, his WWF tryout, Curt Hennig, working with El Generico, being bullied, hurting people's feelings, the state of independent wrestling and more. He also discussed Triple H and NXT.

"For all these supposed big time, know it all fans that want to say 'Oh, Triple H is burying this guy and that guy.' Then why is it when you let him have his own f--king thing (NXT), that Vince or nobody else has any say in, it's all Hunter," Waltman said. "Why is it that it's all those (Indy) guy's he's pushing. To all those guys who want to blame everything on him: f--k OFF!

"Hunter is very Pro Wrestler. Trust me. Everybody is worried about pro wrestling dying or whatever and saying 'Oh, it's sports entertainment blah blah,' trust me, Hunter is pro wrestling"

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