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January 6, 2015

Conflicting Reports On The Royal Rumble And WrestleMania 31 Winners

This is why you have to take the "wrestling news" sites with a grain of salt:

From Pwinsider Elite

MetsFan4Ever, who has broke WWE stories in the past and reported the news on the Rumble divide, notes that Triple H held a backstage meeting before Monday's RAW in Corpus Christi and told the talents that they aren't sure who will win the Rumble match and main event WrestleMania 31.

Triple H reportedly challenged all talents to step up in the next couple of weeks. Talents will reportedly be evaluated and then a decision will be made in a few weeks.

This article is a part of their premium service which is an an additional charge.

Wrestling News World Premium, also an additional charge, is reporting the following:

Vince McMahon and Triple H have agreed on a Royal Rumble winner.

Don't believe everything you read...especially as it relates to Triple H.

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