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January 18, 2015

Two Former WWE Wrestlers File Class-Action 'Concussion Lawsuit' Against WWE

Former WWE stars Vito Lograsso (Big Vito) and Evan Singleton (Adam Mercer in developmental) have filed a class-action "concussion lawsuit" against WWE in the state of Pennsylvania. They are being represented by the same lawyer as former WWE star Billy Jack Haynes, who also has a lawsuit out against WWE.

The complaints from Haynes and Lograsso/Singleton appear to be virtually identical except for short paragraphs about the complainants.

Singleton's complaint mentions wrestling WWE Superstar Erick Rowan in developmental as Singleton claims, "After approximately 15 matches, during which he sustained multiple traumas, he suffered a serious head injury during a match with Eric Rowen [sic]. The WWE cleared him to continue wrestling after inadequate rest time and downplayed his injury."

Singleton was apparently out of action for five months after a match against Rowan. He then worked one more match and was released from his developmental deal. Singleton has suffered from a number of severe neurological symptoms and later found out that he had bleeding in the left hemisphere of his brain.

Lograsso noted that he "suffers from serious neurological damage, including severe headaches, memory loss, depression and anxiety, as well as deafness."

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