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January 10, 2015

WWE NXT Champ Charlotte Talks Reid Flair Being Her Inspiration, Triple H’s Support, Wanting to Be Respected in the Business & More

Speaking to The UK Sun in an exclusive video chat, NXT’s Charlotte emotionally hailed her late brother Reid as her ‘inspiration in everything she does’.

Charlotte also insisted she and her NXT colleagues go all out every time they hit the ring to prove they deserve to be regarded as the best at what they do, and she singled out HHH for helping build her confidence.

“We want it so bad.

We want to be considered just as good as the boys.

Every time I walk to that ring — I don’t want to say I have a chip on my shoulder — but I feel as if I want to prove that I belong, whether I’m a Flair or not.

I just want to be respected in this business, I feel I have to bring so much more to the table and I want to and I plan on doing that every single time.

You can’t help but say that Triple H one hundred per cent backs us up, believes in us and gives us those opportunities because he believes in us, so yeah — I would say he’s our biggest advocate, absolutely.

Just being in NXT has given me so much confidence as a person and a performer.”

And on WM appearance:

“It was me, Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks and it was surreal.

Actually, Triple H sent the three of us framed and signed pictures of the entrance, with all the smoke.

Hearing that entrance music — please excuse my language — we felt like badasses!”

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