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February 5, 2015

Update on Chyna’s Response to Triple H & Hall of Fame Comments; Dropping Tell-All Interview Next Week

Late Monday night Triple H was the guest on a live edition of The Steve Austin show, hosted on the WWE Network. During the interview, Triple H was asked about Joanie Laurer (aka Chyna) being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and had the following to say:

“From a career standpoint should she be in the Hall of Fame? Absolutely. It’s a bit difficult though. If an 8-year-old kid sees the Hall of Fame, and goes on the internet – ‘who is Chyna, I’m 8-years-old I’ve never heard of her, so I go type that in’ and what comes up? I’m not criticizing life-style choices. I don’t know what they were, and I don’t care to know. It’s not a morality thing or anything else, it’s just the fact of what it is, and that’s a difficult choice.”

The Game is obviously referencing Laurer’s pornography career, as the former Intercontinental Champion has starred in a number of adult films since 2004. In response, her official Twitter account (@ChynatheIcon) thanked wrestling fans for “keeping her name out there” and even hoped a “dialogue” could be started following the podcast.

Wrestlezone has since learned that the thoughts expressed Monday night were NOT made by Joanie Laurer, but rather by an individual who runs her account. She was not aware of the comments made by Triple H, and the Twitter response made does not accurately reflect her thoughts on the issue.

Chyna recently sat down with Vince Russo to vent her true feelings about the Hall of Fame, as well as issuing some never-before-heard statements about Triple H, WWE and her departure from the company. The must-see, controversial interview will go live on pyroandballyhoo.com next Monday.

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