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February 1, 2015

Roman Reigns Addresses WWE Fan Backlash, Says He Doesn’t Care and He’s “Just a Guy Getting Rich”

WWE star and this year’s Royal Rumble winner, Roman Reigns, recently spoke with Sam Roberts, prior to the Rumble PPV, and the following are some interview highlights, and you can listen to the entire interview at this link.

On the backlash he has been receiving from WWE fans:

“I’m aware of all of these things. You have to look at it through many different perspectives. For me, as a provider and as a man, I have a responsibility to provide. I can’t look at it like and get down on ‘oh, this is what they’re thinking and this is what they’re saying.’ To be honest I really don’t care. I can only do my thing and do the best that I can. The majority of critics, I would say, are people who have no clue what they’re talking about and have never been in a wrestling ring. They’ve never been a public speaker. They wouldn’t even know how to lock up with me if I allowed them to. If I gave them the opportunity to lock up and tangle with me in the ring, they would have no clue what to do so for them to critique or ever say anything about any performer is asinine and just blows my mind.

It’s one of those situations where obviously the company is gonna do what the company does and the fans are definitely gonna do what they do. That’s what’s so great. The fans have to realize that as opinionated as y’all are in the way you want it, the company is the same way and they’re gonna do what they wanna do…at the end of the day i’m just a guy getting rich.”

One of the big criticisms about Roman Reigns’ act is that his promos still need a lot of work. Reigns revealed that he does read a lot of what fans say about him online, but as long as they’re talking about him, he’s doing something right.

“I see all of my criticism. I’m in a position now that I get a ton of love which is great and a ton of criticism which is great. As long as i’m in people’s mouths that’s all that matters to me. As long as people are talking about me.

The majority of the time…the people that are critiquing and bashing me, they’re making me more relevant, I would think. If you didn’t want me around then just don’t talk about me and try and make it silent out there. That’s not the case [because] they make it even more overwhelming. You know, noise is noise. That’s the thing.”

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