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February 20, 2015

Rumor Mill - Sting And Triple H Rehearsing Their ‘WrestleMania’ Match At WWE Performance Center

Sting is set to confront Triple H this Sunday at WWE’s Fast Lane pay-per-view, but it appears that the two of them will be face-to-face before Sunday’s show, as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that Sting and Triple H are not only rehearsing their WrestleMania match at the WWE Performance Center, but they’re also going over their face-to-face confrontation that will take place this Sunday.

Throughout Sting’s professional wrestling career, there have been a lot of people who have come out and called Sting a “spot misser,” claiming that Sting — especially during his TNA run — would constantly forget spots, and even miss spots during matches. Sting’s work has been criticized as well, as some people in the business say that he’s not capable of carrying a bad worker to a good match, which is why he’s wrestling Triple H at WrestleMania instead of The Undertaker, as people within WWE feel — especially after last year’s WrestleMania– that age has finally caught up to The Undertaker, and it has greatly affected his work in the ring.

Sting’s very first WWE match will be at the biggest event in the history of professional wrestling — WrestleMania– against a WWE legend, in front of the biggest crowd he’s ever performed for. That’s a lot of pressure. Not to mention that Sting is in his mid-50’s, and this will likely be his one-and-only WWE match. So, WWE, Triple H, and Sting are rehearsing it in advance to assure that it will be good, or at least memorable.

When Sting steps through the ropes at WrestleMania 31, it will have been well over a year since his last professional wrestling match. So, the rehearsals likely are to not only ensure that the match is good, but to make sure Sting knocks off all of the ring-rust, and is in good shape for his match with Triple H, because it’ll likely be between 15 and 20 minutes long.

It’s very likely that Sting and Triple H will do something physical at this Sunday’s Fast Lane, which is why they’re working out their segment at the WWE Performance Center. Sting is also set to appear on at least two more episodes of Monday Night RAW after Fast Lane to build to his match with Triple H at WrestleMania.

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