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February 18, 2015

What Sean Waltman Has Said About Triple H Potentially Assaulting Chyna, More on Waltman’s Own Issues with the Former Diva

As we reported several weeks ago, Chyna revealed during an interview with Vince Russo that while she and Triple H were in a relationship, Triple H physically assaulted her. Triple H quickly issued a statement denying the assault claim.

In an update on that story, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reports Sean Waltman, who also had a relationship with Chyna, has told him a similar story about Triple H assaulting Chyna, but later admitted all Triple H did was push Chyna out of the way.

No further details were provided by Waltman as he said he cared not to be involved in a “mudslinging” story with Triple H and Chyna.

Furthermore, while Waltman was an admitted junkie during his relationship with Chyna, he revealed the claim she makes in her book, which is that she was raped in college, is not true as Chyna later told Waltman it wasn’t true.

Additionally, Waltman has denied much of what Chyna had to say publicly about him during the time they were together.


Waltman posted the following response on his twitter page:

"I haven't read whatever was written about me in The Observer, so it's hard to comment. One thing I can tell you is that Paul never hit Joanie."

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