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February 16, 2015

WWE Superstar Cesaro's Twitter Hacked

WWE Superstar Ceasro appears to have had his Twitter account hacked today after a series of questionable tweets appeared on his timeline. One of the tweets wished Cancer on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

We have combined the tweets below for easy reading:

"You know what? I’m sick of Vince McMahon and his bulls*it. I don’t even get a chance to get the tag titles with Kidd now. I hope that old man gets cancer, I would of been one of the best for sure in the WWE. But that old washed up has been has no idea. I lack charisma? Yeah right I’m the Swiss superman everybody cheered for me at WM. This company is a piece of s*it."

"I lack charisma? Yeah right I'm the Swiss superman everybody cheered for me at WM. And why did they give me this gimmick and this awful theme music? They're constantly burying me." The posts continued: "I think it's about time I get pushed, what do you all think WWE universe? Even the rosebuds get more TV time than me. "I've pretty much had it with WWE. I just found out today that I won't ever get a chance at a major title. "This company is a piece of s**t. Everybody get #PushCesaro trending #PushCesaro."

The hacker then admitted that he was not Cesaro, tweeting: "Ok I'm not Cesaro, but I think Cesaro needs to be pushed. This company pushes lacklustre talents that nobody cares about. "Why can't WWE open their eyes and realise how good Cesaro is? When he won the Wrestlemania 30 Battle Royal I was so excited.

These tweets have now been deleted but have again cast a shadow over WWE's social media a week on from the hack on Seth Rollins’ Twitter last Monday.

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