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March 6, 2015

Recap of WWE NXT's First Live Event Held Outside of Florida

* JoJo was the ring announcer. It's a packed, rowdy crowd and they are ready for some wrestling.

* Corey Graves came out to kick off the show as the host. Triple H then came out to a big pop and a "holy s--t" chant. He also got a "thank you Hunter" chant. It's announced that they are taping the event for the WWE Network.

* Hideo Itami and Finn Balor defeated The Vaudevillians in a very exciting opener. Itami got the hot tag and pinned Aiden English for the win. Itami and Balor were very much over with the hot crowd.

* Alexa Bliss defeated NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks by count out. They both got good reactions but some of us are aware that Bliss is from the area. Bliss getting the upset was a good hometown moment and got a pop.

* Tyson Kidd comes out with his WWE Tag Team Title belt and gets a huge pop. Baron Corbin also gets a good reaction. Corbin is usually the most over in his matches but Kidd had good reactions all throughout, including a "meow" chant. Corbin ended up getting the win after catching Kidd in End of Days. Fans booed Corbin after the win and he played the heel role well.

* NXT Tag Team Champions Murphy and Blake are out next. Carmella, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady are out next to a huge pop. The crowd eats up their pre-match promo and Carmella looks great. Blake vs. Cass is next. Fans chanted for Blue Pants to come out early on but unfortunately she didn't appear. Blake rolled up Cass while he was distracted and grabbed a handful of tights to get the win.

* The Connor The Crusher video is shown.

* Big Show is out next to huge heel heat. Ryback comes out to not much better and we have a match. Fans start with CM Punk chants. This match is not wanted at all it seems. Ryback tried getting a "feed me more" chant going at one point but the crowd responded with CM Punk chants. They go to chanting for Blue Pants again. The highlight of this match is the chants easily - "NXT" and "please retire" chants at Big Show, also "we want Divas." Ryback ended up getting win with Shellshocked. Very interesting match here, the crowd made it.


* Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze is up next. Breeze gets a big pop and got the win with a Beauty Show. This was another very competitive match with lots of good spots.

* Ric Flair is out next to a pop. Flair praises Charlotte and introduces her. Bayley is out next and we have our second Divas match. They chanted "better than Reigns" at one point. Charlotte gets the win with Natural Selection but Bayley was over more. Flair comes in and hugs Bayley after the match. Charlotte also shows respect.

* Alex Riley vs. NXT Champion Kevin Owens is next. They both got good pops and Riley is fired up. Owens was over big time all throughout and won with a powerbomb. After the match, Owens went to powerbomb Riley on the apron but Finn Balor made the save. Balor and Owens brawled to a big reaction.

* Sami Zayn came out in street clothes and cut an amazing promo about how proud he is to be in NXT and being proud of the rest of the locker room.

* Adrian Neville vs. Cesaro is the main event. This was an awesome match, definitely the match of the night and will easily be a match of the year contender. "Push Cesaro, he's too Swiss" was a big thing here. Cesaro ends up getting the win with a Neutralizer after a crazy back and forth finish. I hope this one airs because the whole match but especially the end was must-see.

An estimated 850-1000 fans attended tonight's WWE NXT live event in Columbus, Ohio. It was mostly standing room only with many fans standing up for the entire show.

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