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March 16, 2015

Rumor Mill - ROH Attempting to “Lock-Up” Talent to Prevent WWE from Raiding its Roster, Big News on the Future of The Young Bucks

According to PWInsider.com, ROH is attempting to lock-up some of its top talent, namely The Young Bucks. The company wants to sign certain top talents to exclusive, longterm deals, as a way of preventing WWE from “raiding” its roster.

We have noted in the past that WWE has its eye on many top tier indy talents, so ROH hopes they can sign certain names to longterm deals to thwart any attempts WWE might make to lure talents away.

If ROH does successfully sign The Young Bucks to an exclusive deal, it could have a ripple effect on the independent scene as a number of companies depend on the Bucks as headliners. The deal ROH is looking to make with The Bucks would see them receive a salary, and ROH would have the right to approve or deny any indy dates the Bucks choose to work. ROH would likely allow The Bucks to continue working for New Japan Pro Wrestling, as they are huge stars in Japan with the Bullet Club.

Following last week’s FWE iPPV event in Brooklyn, NY, Reddit user MetsFan4Ever reported The Young Bucks were close to signing a very lucrative, exclusive deal with ROH, but the hold up had to do with merchandising, and ROH allowing The Bucks to work for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in California. PWG is a promotion The Bucks feel gave them a shot when no one else would, so they want to continue working there.

With regards to WWE, The Young Bucks have turned them down in the past, but they might want to keep their options open in case a secure WWE contract would be worth giving up the big New Japan Pro Wrestling money that they make. This could be another reason why the team is trepidatious about signing an exclusive, longterm deal with ROH.

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