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April 10, 2015

More Details on the Lawsuits Filed Today By Three Former WWE Stars

As noted, former WWE stars Luther Reigns, Russ McCullough and Ryan Sakoda have filed a new class action concussion lawsuit against WWE.

According to PWInsider.com, the lawsuit, which is 47 pages long and is almost word-for-word the same as past concussion lawsuits filed against WWE by other former stars, alleges the talents were “forced to wrestle injured or you lost your job.”

Ryan Sakoda furthers that WWE runs by “intimidation and abuse”, and does not discuss or treat concussions or its symptoms. Sakoda said he suffered a concussion back in 2013 after taking a superkick, and was told by WWE’s medical staff not to go to sleep or he might die. Sakoda says WWE disregarded his health and safety to the point that it left him traumatized. He also claims he suffers from numerous symptoms including memory loss, severe depression, severe migraines and headaches.

Russ McCullough claims he was struck unconscious in a WWE ring back at a live event in Cincinnati, Ohio and was then hit with 15 chair shots without WWE’s trainers intervening. When McCullough complained to WWE after the incident, he says he was told “not our problem.” McCullough says he suffers from severe depression, severe migraines, memory loss, headaches and panic attacks that have resulted in over 40 emergency room visits since he retired from the ring.

Luther Reigns claims he was once knocked out by Big Show, and even after he vomited as a result, he was not given any medical treatment by WWE. Reigns added there was a “code of silence” amongst the wrestlers with regards to disclosing injuries or concussion symptoms. Reigns says he suffered numerous concussions that went untreated during his time in WWE. He says he suffers from severe fatigue, dizziness and severe short term and long term memory loss. The suit says Reigns is unable to remember much of his life.

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