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April 4, 2015

Rumor Mill - Steve Austin Reportedly Turns Down Tough Enough, Backstage Talk On His Problems With Vince McMahon

Steve Austin did not travel to Santa Clara for the festivities and this caused a lot of shock within WWE as he was expected to be there.

It turns out Austin was scheduled to fly into San Jose on the same flight that The Undertaker was on as they both live in Texas. The flight landed and Austin was not there. WWE even had an employee waiting to pick Austin up from the airport. It appears they still thought he might show up as there was a room with his name on it backstage at Levi's Stadium until mid-week.

It was noted before that the issue appeared to be between Austin and Vince McMahon. One person close to the situation said they have never seen Vince as angry about anything else, which is saying a lot. The rift between Vince and Austin reportedly has to do with his podcast on the WWE Network and Vince not liking some aspects of it. This is likely why WWE Network is now carrying Chris Jericho's podcast instead.

WWE also wanted Austin for the upcoming season of Tough Enough but he reportedly turned it down for an unknown reason. Some expect Austin to address his issues with WWE shortly.

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